Is your trophy room missing that huge Buffalo mount or Aoudad ram?  Or maybe you wanna give your wife or child the hunt of a lifetime.  

Buck Brush Adventures can help fill that void.  We offer just about any animal you can imagine and if we don’t have it... we’ll find it! 


Great Elk hunting means trophy animals, great cover and a great place to stay!  Come take the trophy of a lifetime!  We offer packages from meat hunts on cows, to trophy bulls scoring over 400 inches.

In addition to our elk, we have a large selection of Red Deer as well.

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Are you an avid hunter or a first timer who wants the opportunity to bring home that trophy buck?  Buck Brush Adventures offers high-fenced trophy hunts.  We follow a strict breeding program designed to raise monster whitetails.  Whether you’re looking to break that 200 inch mark or a mid 150’s buck, we’ve got you covered.  Our guides will give you one-on-one assistance to help you bag that dream buck.

In addition to our high-fenced hunts, we also offer free ranging, low-fence hunts as well.  Low-fence whitetail season dates vary each year and are set by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.  You have the option of hunting from comfortable enclosed tower boxes overlooking vast hills and prime wildlife terrain.  You can also ground hunt from several different wooded areas.

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Is your trophy room missing that giant Buffalo mount?  Then let Buck Brush Adventures help fill that void.  We offer buffalos in all shapes and sizes and besides providing you with a great looking mount, they’re also pretty good to eat. 

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Whether you’re looking for a trophy Fallow deer, Sika deer, Water Buffalo or Aoudad ram, we’ve got you covered!  We offer a wide range of exotic animals and if there’s something you wanna shoot that you don’t see here, just tell us and we’ll find it for you. 

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If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, we offer a wide variety of rams and goats, that make for great european mounts. 

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